/fɪt / (say fit)

adjective (fitter, fittest)
1. well adapted or suited: a fit choice.
2. proper or becoming.
3. qualified or competent, as for an office or function: a person fit for the job.
4. worthy or deserving: not fit to be seen.
5. prepared or ready: crops fit for gathering.
6. in good physical condition, as an athlete, a race horse, military troops, etc.
7. in good health: a fit person.
8. Colloquial sexually attractive.
verb (fitted or, Chiefly US, fit, fitting)
verb (t)
9. to be adapted to or suitable for (a purpose, object, occasion, etc.).
10. to be proper or becoming for.
11. to be of the right size or shape for.
12. to conform or adjust to something: to fit a ring to the finger.
13. to make qualified or competent: qualities that fit someone for leadership.
14. to prepare.
15. to put (in, into, on, together, etc.) with precise adjustment.
16. to provide; furnish; equip: fit a door with a new handle.
17. Colloquial to bring (someone) before the law on a trivial or trumped-up charge while really intending to victimise them: he had been trying to fit Chilla for years.
verb (i)
18. to be suitable or proper.
19. to be of the right size or shape, as a garment for the wearer, or any object or part for a thing to which it is applied: *The socks, when I tried them on, fitted perfectly –albert facey, 1981.
20. the manner in which a thing fits: a perfect fit.
21. something that fits: that coat is a poor fit.
22. the process or a process of fitting.
23. an instance of fitting together well.
24. Colloquial the equipment used to prepare and inject drugs.
25. be fit for nothing, to be so ill-suited or incompetent or incapacitated as to be unable to undertake any task or activity at all.
26. fit as a flea, Colloquial very fit.
27. fit in, to be well adapted.
28. fit like a glove, to be a perfect fit.
29. fit out (or up), to furnish with clothing, equipment, furniture, fixtures, or other requisites: a hall fitted out with tiered seating.
30. fit the bill, to suit; be what is required.
31. fit to be tied, Colloquial very angry.
32. fit up, Colloquial to construct a false case against (someone).
33. keep fit, to maintain health and physical stamina.
34. not fit to be seen,
a. in an untidy or dirty state.
b. dressed in a fashion not appropriate to the occasion.
{late Middle English fȳt; origin uncertain}
/fɪt / (say fit)

1. a sudden, acute attack or manifestation of a disease: fit of epilepsy.
2. a spell or period of emotion or feeling, inclination, activity, idleness, etc.
3. a convulsion.
4. by (or in) fits (and starts), by irregular spells; fitfully; intermittently.
5. in fits, Colloquial laughing uncontrollably: *after a while the whole plane was in fits, everyone laughing –blanche d'alpuget, 1982.
6. throw a fit, to become very excited or angry.
{Middle English; Old English fitt fight, struggle}
/fɪt / (say fit)

1. a song, ballad, or story.
2. a division of a song, ballad, or story.
{Middle English; Old English fitt}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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